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Awards for 2017

BMI 2017 has two types of awards, BMI Tuition waiver and Contest Awards.  

BMI Applications and Tuition Waiver

Applicants for BMI Tuition Waiver must submit their application by the advance registration date.   The following are the specifications:

  1. Only full time students in Spring 2017 are eligible for a fellowship.
  2. Submitting (a) application for BMI admission (submit your CV and statement of purpose)  by the deadline.
  3. Take at least one BMI summer course 2017 as distance learning, pay the registration fee $90 if you have not taken the courses.
  4. Register at least one AIML Contest 2017 entry as a team member and pass the Contest Workshop training (remote or onsite).
  5. Submit Contest results for the AIML Contest.

The approval of the BMI waiver will be granted together with the notice of BMI admisison, if applicable.

AML Contest Awards

The Contest Awards are independent of, and in addition to, the BMI Fellowships.

  1. The first place: $10,000, trophy, medals and possible travel award for the team leader
  2. The 2nd place: medals and possible travel award for the team leader,
  3. The 3rd place: medals