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Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AIML) Contest
Learning Engines

What is a Learning Engine?

In the context of this contest, we informally consider a Learning Engine to be a collection of libraries, modules, or software development kits (SDK) which can develop or simulate intelligence.  It is up to the contest participants to choose one or more engines for their contest entries and evaluate them.    The written report of every contest entry will state the name of the engine(s) used.        

Machine Learning Engines available:

  1. Google: TensorFlow
  2. Microsoft: Azure, Convolutional Network ToolKit (CNTK). Microsoft Azure for Research. Microsoft Cognitive Service.
  3. MSU: Developmental Network (DN)

Any Learning Engine you would like to recommend?

Email with your engine recommendation. You have till Monday March 14, 2016 to submit or recommend an engine you lik to see in this contest.  Each supplier or recommender of an engine is free to offer courses and workshops, but such assistance is only recommended and not required.