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Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AIML) Contest
Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to know a specific programming language?

Contestants can use any programming language they are familiar with. Each learning engine has support for several programming languages.

Are there any recommended materials to read in preparing to participate this contest?

We recommend that participants understand the basic fundamentals of Machine Learning and programming.

Will you provide official receipt for the registration fee?

The payment of the registration fee is done via PayPal or the GoFundMe site.

Do the BMI courses only contain lectures?

No. Each course offers three exams which are optional. Each student that passes each course with 60% or higher will be awarded with a BMI certificate of completion.

What learning engines have been offered 2016?

An attention-free version of the Developmental Network (DN) from Michigan State University has been provided as the base engine for AIML Contest 2016.